Loonees Comedy Corner

Colorado Springs only night club dedicated to comedy, featuring national touring comedy acts every weekend.  Shows are regularly scheduled


      -Thursday- One show at 7:30 pm 18+

      -Friday and Saturday- Two shows

                  7:00 pm & 9:30 pm 21+

                    Doors open at 6:15

Admission:  Thursday - Regular price is $6.00*
•Ladies,  College Students and Military Night  Admission is $2.00 with proof

Friday and Saturday - $10.00
Reservations are highly recommended


There is a "Two Item Minimum" per person inside the showroom (food, alcoholic beverages and non-alcoholic beverages all count)

*Everyone must be 21+ with a valid I.D. to enter the club on Friday and Saturday. Thursday night is 18+

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover and American Express & Good ole Greenbacks

Why a two item minimum???

We want to keep live comedy in Colorado Springs, and we have found that by enforcing a 2-item-per-person minimum.  Which is standard at all comedy clubs, is a necessity for us to afford booking the high quality, experienced, top-notch comics you've grown accustomed to seeing at Loonees.  Unlike some comedy clubs, however, Loonees does not limit its two-items to alcohol.  Our two-item minimum also can refer to soft drinks, iced tea, coffee, juice drinks and a wide variety of food items.

Please understand:
Before a comic ever sets foot on our stage, Loonees must pay the entertainers' salaries, transportation costs, their housing accommodations while in Colorado Springs and all booking fees.  Revenue from the ticket sales and the standard two-item minimum allows us to continue bringing you hilarious entertainers - for less than a movie..


Why can't we hold seats for our friends??? We had reservations!!!!

Loonees holds its reservations until 30* minutes before the show begins.  The reason for this is...people make reservations with all the intentions of making it to the show.  With busy schedules and situations arising, people are unable to make it to and are often unable to call Loonees or their friends to cancel reservations.  now...Here comes the hard part for us...The line out front starts to form...We only have a limited amount of seats.  We can't add seats due to fire codes...You know...For your safety.  And we can't allow people to save seats.  We can't have empty seats.  We want everyone in Colorado Springs to have fun.  So we have to start letting people in line come in, 30* minutes before the show starts.  In a perfect world...Everyone who made reservations would show up on time, and have the best time of their lives!  Unfortunately it is not a perfect world.  Fortunately for us, you were able to make it on time.

*45 minutes for special shows